How to deal with loneliness

There are several times that I have heard over and over again that someone is lonely and they feel isolated from the world. At times, some feel out of contact with people due to distrust in the past. It must be emphasize that loneliness is different than just being alone because a person will have a time when they chose to be alone vs the feelings of being alone. Have you recognize the way how you feel when you chose to be alone? You may need to recharge yourself and don’t really want to be around others or you may be sad because you don’t have anyone to talk to.

There are several ways of changing the feelings of loneliness such as we must first accept that we are lonely which can be difficult but its reality.  We can express the way how we feel by writing a journal, painting etc.  The goal is to express your feeling which will help you to find out the real cause of being lonely. It may be that you are sad, angry and frustrated which we can explore by investigating where are these feelings coming from?  As we begin to see the connections we will be ready to make a change. We must also become more active by calling the person who we are missing as well as writing a letter.  If we do not have someone to talk to  we could talk to a counselor. If we are lonely because we missed someone who have died then we must recognize the feelings of grief and begin to remember the memories with them. It is also important to get involved in activities such as walking to prevent suicide prevention, looking for local events in the area that include painting and other activities. So get out and get active in the community. Enjoy life to the fullest and smile more because you never know when it may help someone.