3 Tips to Keep your spirits up during a job hunt

3 Tips to keep your spirits up during a job hunt

  1.  Focus on Action–  Last year I graduated with my masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and once I was finished I worked for myself, but recently moved and the job hunt begins all over again. Instead of getting frustrated, I stuck to my plan of action. I will keep a diary of every job that I applied for and make sure I do one thing every day for my job search such as dropping off resumes, introduce myself to potential employer etc. By doing one thing a day it keeps the momentum going.
  2. Keep up your confidence– At times, you become really depressed, but in order to raise your spirits you can sign up for a dance class, join a running/walking group which will help to boost your confidence. Find something that makes you feel good and it will make your whole life better.
  3. Make your own luck – It may seem easy for a military spouse to get a job on base, but at times it can be hard. It takes time and volunteering is one way of developing relationships within the community.Job searches can take several months or years and it comes with a lot of hardships. But, with a little focus and involvement in the community around you. You will find a job.









Philippians 4:13New King James Version (NKJV)

13 I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.


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