My Healing journey

Well, I picked up a new hobby which is knitting and I have been caught up with this so much that I made some scarves for my mother and friends. I also started to make hats as well which was a challenge because I had to re-do the hat at least 6 times! This has thought me about being patient with myself and I am learning much about the details and pleasure while making hats. I found a new site to purchase my yarns because after visiting a retailer I was not impressed with their selections. Some of the colors that I have made for my scarves include red, pink, green, white and multicolor green mixed with blue. Image

Now as I continue to knit, I will search for other things that I can make to pass the time away. We are having a winter filled with snow ever weekend. What do you do to pass the time away besides watching t.v.?

I also exercise which in the past was 5 days per week, but then my knee began to hurt so I had to slow down. I picked up exercise when my son began his chemo treatments which helped me to relax and sleep. We both exercised together which is a lot of fun and wore us both out. Life brings us challenges which at first we may question, but in the end we know that the Lord will bring us through it. Over a year ago, my world changed and I am happy that I handled it the best way I could by inspiring myself to get through the day. Every day I would pray and sing songs of praises which helped me to cope with the challenges of watching your son go through his chemo treatments. This was a long exhausting day which took several hours and we both remember the last chemo treatment and how much joy we felt that it was over.

Life makes us or breaks us, but its up to the individuals to hang in there and call out to the Lord. He is forever working on our behalf. All we need to do is to ask and we shall receive. Patience is the key to understanding how God works so be patient with the process and know that in the end you will have a testimony to share so that you can inspire others.

Remember to reach out and get the support needed while going through your challenges and just be still and watch God work it out. To God Be The Glory Great Things He Has Done! Amen!

Thank you lord for healing my son and your presence in our lives. We glory you Lord and look forward to working on your behalf. Continue to minister to us so that we can tell others about your love and support.