My Healing journey

Today, I am happy to report that the healing has begun since my son’s last chemo therapy in August 2013. I have taken care of him for the past 8 months and now I can take the time to heal from our journey.


As I begin to take the time to recollect, how much we have conquer during my son’s treatment. We kept each other through daily devotions, praying, meditating, walking, exercising and encouraging each other to be strong. This reminds me of my husband’s career and their motto “Army Strong.” We can surely relate this this in more ways than one.  Some of the strategies that we used to cope also included attending a expressive  art therapy that was held at the cancer care center where my son received his most of his treatments.  We made collages, colored, sketched, learned to knit etc. We had a blast with the various types of activities offered and hope that expressive art therapy will be permanent soon. We took each day as a day of gratitude and were very thankful for the strength of my son who did not loose his hair or any other side effects besides his finger nails getting black. We are truly grateful for the presence of the angels as he continue to bring a smile to the nurses, doctors, front desk employees and whomever came in contact with.

We are also thankful that we all used positive statements throughout his treatment which helped to cope, even when he was hospitalized for 5 days due to pneumonia which at the time no one was sure what was going on because he had a fever. During his first 3 days in the hospital, we encouraged each other and I remember on the third day the fever broke that night. My son was tired of this and began to feel down so I ask the lord to intervene and stretched my hands out towards him and asked for healing. Instantly he began to sweat and he changed his robes at least 3 times. The fever was gone and his healing began. I praised the lord while my son began to say positive things and he became well. The power of YOUR words are truly a testimony to my son who listened as I coached him to take over and be strong.

This journey has actually made me reach out to nature as you can see I have included a picture of the willow tree in our back yard and how much it meant to me. The willow tree represented the times that we were weak and began to rejuvenate and we began to nourish our bodies.  I also began to visit the lake and would just sit and look at the lake which calmed my inner voice which at times was in turmoil.

Here is a picture of the lake



10 thoughts on “My Healing journey

  1. Beautiful Annmarie! Your insight is so needed by many on the same journey. I hope a speedy recovery period for your son and family. Beautiful pictures…thank you for sharing your personal journey. You continue to inspire me and I know you will do the same for others.

  2. What a testimony, you have grown, Keshawn and the entire family has grown, Your faith has been renewed. Today I can tell you that God is real, many of us as friends carried that cross with you and we thank the Lord for lifting the burden. During the healing process we must continue to testify of his greatness and his Love. Finding Christ is one, keeping him is another. As we continue the journey to keep him within our mist it is just a wonderful life having Christ as the nucleus of everything we do.

  3. I am so happy to hear the good news! I admire your strength, determination, and focus during such a challenging time. Okay, now I have to go put my mascara back on. 😉 Namaste

  4. I found you from the This is how I grow blog hop. This was a beautiful story. I am so happy that he is doing better. God is truly amazing sometimes! Keep up the good work!

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