Why people dont acknowledge you

From earlier years, we are honored by compliments from our parents, teachers and friends. As we grow older, these compliments are hard to come by; therefore, we must view ourselves as special, unique, kind, fabulous, trustworthy, and awesome.  If others failed to compliment you, then they may be recognition deprived ( by parents far more likely to criticize than commend them), and praising another may feel uneasy or unsettling .  If they are competitive, they try to put others down,  They may also intentionally withhold praises due to being conceited, cocky or egotistical.  Others may be in denial of their own unmet needs for acknowledgement. For instance, commending a friend, when appropriate, is a responsibility in a close relationship; yet they are unable to do so.  Lastly, if they have a strong sense of entitlement (because, say their parents actually prompted them to believe the privileges they received were actually rights), then whatever recognition they receive from others will be expected, or taken for granted.  All of which to say if you are not being acknowledged likely says much more about the other person than it does about you. So learn to be content with yourself and acknowledge your own accomplishments.


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